Not-So-Boozy Brunch at Tigerlily

You may have heard about the latest Government restrictions on serving alcohol but don't worry, our Not-So-Boozy Brunch is all the fun without the hangover!

Enjoy a selection of continental breakfast items for the table - including croissants, cured meats, cheese, toast, preserves and tea & coffee, followed by one of our delicious breakfast dishes. Plus we'll include a delicious non-alcoholic Frosé cocktail on arrival and three glasses of Wild Life Botanicals (which we believe to be the Champagne of non-alcoholic wines!) during the 2 hour period.

All for only £30 per person (usually £35 per person)


Revel in the electric atmosphere as we host the best Not-So-Boozy Brunch in Edinburgh!


Available from 11am-3pm - last sitting is at 3pm.






For enquiries & group bookings please email:



1.Boozy brunch is time-limited to 2 hours and last sitting is at 3pm, this commences from the time of ordering. 2. In addition to your continental sharing platter, you may also order one Boozy brunch dish. 3. Price is per person and drinks cannot be shared. 4. Boozy brunch must be booked at least 24 hours in advance and a deposit is required when booking. 5. Please inform your waiter of any food allergies or dietary requirements you may have. Allergy information is available for each dish on our menu which can be obtained by asking a member of staff. We cannot guarantee that there will not be traces of other products due to the nature of our production area. 6. We apply a discretionary 12.5% service charge on tables of 5 or more.

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