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Welcome The Day of the Dead


Day of the Dead is a unique tradition celebrated every year on November 1st and 2nd across Mexico. It is a festival aimed at honouring one’s dead ancestors on the date when their souls are believed to return to Earth.


As Mexico is a large and diverse country, traditions are as varied as the country itself, but there are unique traditions that have become central to the holiday.


Tigerlily produced a beautiful cocktail menu in collaboration with Patrón who hosted Day of the Dead celebrations across Europe starting with a theatrical parade in the streets of Soho. Iconic characters from the traditional Mexican celebration including La Calavera Catrina, Monarch butterflies and sugar skulls will be represented across pop up bars and celebrations arranged by the brand.


The stunning menu included cocktails such as Skull Candy, Margarita Bonita and Float Like a butterfly which all used Patrón Silver to create a unique flavour while paying homage to Day of the Dead as the core inspiration behind each drink!




We had a variety of influential bloggers in from Edinburgh who came along to sample the new menu and we loved seeing their stories and posts including fabulous outfits, polaroid pictures and colourful cocktails.


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Furthermore, Tigerlily was transformed into a beautiful butterfly paradise during this time with the help of WILD flowers and on Saturday 2nd of November we hosted a spectacular, fully immersive dinner held on the traditional Day of the Dead.

The Patrón Day of the Dead was an exciting & truly spectacular month for Tigerlily!


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