Tigerlily Meets Edinburgh Gossip Girls


Fun, welcoming and quite clearly a fan of Tigerlily’s cocktails – this is Edinburgh Gossip Girls, a 7000 strong group of women who support and collaborate with one another to enjoy the best that Edinburgh has to offer… and believe it or not, rarely gossip!

This week we were delighted to catch up with Kylie Reid, the founder of EGGs to chat all things Edinburgh and shake up a cocktail or two.

After years of developing a 7000 woman Facebook network -- if you’re not one of the lucky contributors, you’ll either have a bestie commenting on your behalf or you’ll be amongst the remaining thousands on the waiting list -- the EGG website has launched!!

Kylie’s opening statement sums up EGGs perfectly...

Let’s be clear, this has never been about gossip.  We’re far too busy growing our businesses, supporting our friends and raising families to engage in that. That’s not to say we don’t like to talk though. But it’s rarely idle chat. We’re here to support great local businesses, to review and recommend them to our girl gang, and shout from the rooftops that they deserve our custom.

Tigerlily are thrilled to be one of those local businesses and to celebrate the launch of the Edinburgh Gossip Girls website, we’re inviting all EGGs to pop into Tigerlily for their Limited Edition Cocktail….. *Drum Roll Please*

Introducing the Edinburgh Gossip Girl, our delicious take on the ever-popular Porn Star Martini, made with a mouth-watering combo of:

Stolichnaya vanilla vodka
Lemon juice
Vanilla syrup
Pineapple juice
Served in coupe and garnished with half a passion fruit
Accompanied by a shot of Santi Nello Prosecco

For this one we’re using Passoa instead of passion fruit puree. It makes the cocktail a little light and hey! there’s nothing with an added boozy kick.

And the verdict? Well, it couldn’t have gone down better!

After picking up some top cocktail making tips from Joe, Kylie stepped behind the bar and had a go at making an Edinburgh Gossip Girl herself… and blimey, what a natural. We know who we’ll be calling when the next bar position opens up at Tigerlily!

To order this drink in Tigerlily, please ask for the Edinburgh Gossip Girl at the bar.


Now for a few top-tips from Kylie herself:

Why is Tigerlily one of your favourite cocktail bars?

There’s always a lovely classy vibe about Tigerlily – you’re always guaranteed an excellent innovative cocktail!

Where’s your favourite area in Tigerlily?

The bar! Nothing beats pulling up a stool and sitting in the thick of it, watching those talented mixologists shake up a treat right before your eyes… and of course, there’s less waiting time before you’re met with a refreshing concoction!

What’s your favourite cocktail?

I’m sure many new mums will agree with me when I say you can’t fault a well-made Espresso Martini! It perks you right up and delivers that much-loved combination of alcohol and a caffeine kick.

Alongside the limited edition cocktail, we’re also playing host to Edinburgh Gossip Girl’s launch party on the 18th of May, and for the next three months we’re offering EGGs a complimentary chocolate fondue platter, sharing cookie or cheese board when purchasing a bottle of Chandon Sparkling  (available to card holders).  If that’s not a reason to get yourself on that waiting list, we don’t know what is!! In fact, why not make a full day of it with other exclusive offers from our neighbours including 20% off a bespoke colour at Bruce Masefield and 25% off all Aromatherapy Associates’ treatments at the Chamomile Sanctuary.

Edinburgh Gossip Girls are definitely one to watch, and we look forward to welcoming them in Tigerlily shortly!

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