Tigerlily launches new cocktail list


Our cocktails are something pretty special, if we do say so ourselves. A lot of love, time and crea-tivity goes in to perfecting them so when we launch a new cocktail menu it’s kind of a big deal. Jack Driver, our Bar Manager and his team take inspiration from world travels, childhood, nature and of course life in Edinburgh. This new collection is no different.

Andy’s Flippin’ Banana is inspired by Foamy Banana sweets from his younger days. The confec-tionary is infused in Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum, then mixed with complimentary ingredients that provide a subtle, but warmingly nostalgic experience.

Tenessee Table created by Alex is a tablet flavoured old fashion with a hint of maple syrup to bal-ance out the taste, and Aiden continues the confectionery theme with Poison Apple, an easy drink-ing summer choice with a hint of Soor Plooms.

True Romance is a combination of our barmen’s other halves favourite drinks. Initially this sounds very romantic, but actually we know it’s to save them from making separate drinks each time the ladies visit them at work! And still with ladies in mind, Electric Daisy created by Jack C, is the per-fect introductory whisky cocktail. Jack wanted to create an accessible Bourbon drink so has in-cluded hints of strawberry and elderflower tones to soften the flavour.

Jack Driver’s Bacardi based Sunshine on Cuba is one to taste. This well thought out creation is inspired by the Bacardi Legacy competition and of course, the recent success of a local Edinburgh football team.

One of each please, barman.

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