Team Trip to Craigellechie


On Monday, the 12th March some of our fabulous employees from Rabble, Lulu and Head Office were kindly treated by Copper Dog with an overnight stay at Craigellechie, in Speyside. This small hotel stands within the heart of Speyside and its malt whisky trail, in the middle of the largest whisky region in the world. 


Not only did they have the pleasure of staying at the beautiful hotel but were also gifted with dinner and drinks. Our team were happily basking in the friendly and attentive atmosphere created by the hotel and its amazing staff. And of course - the whisky cocktails went down a treat! This is a whisky lover’s paradise, with over 900 whiskies lining its walls, which our team gladly made the most of. Our team members were also lucky to receive their very own personalised bottle of Copper Dog a lovely momento to remember their trip by. 


As a final treat our team to taken to the Cooperage, where they make all the barrels for aging the whisky. The tour included a 4D cinematic presentation in the art of cooperage. Our team learned all about the lifecycle of the cask and got to meet the highly skilled coopers at work. Then they were challenged to make their very own cask - a seemingly easy task that proved more difficult than it looked!


This is just one of the amazing trips that our staff are lucky enough to take part in through our regular sales incentives, if you're interested in joining our team - click here.

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