Pass the Salt


This season, we have become incredibly passionate about Himalayan salt.  Not just because of its subtle flavour, mineralising qualities and pretty pink colour.  No, its far more interesting than that.  We've been building caves with it with John Davidson our butcher!

At Tigerlily, locally sourcing is important to us but quality ingredients is our passion.  Simple but exquisite.  One of the long standing favourites on our menu is steak, and this season sees our steak offering go from strength to strength as we become Scotland's only restaurant to have its very own Himalayan Salt Cave to mature our beef in.  And the result is a mouth wateringly perfect cut of beef on your plate.

The salt from Pakistan is used to purify the air in the chill room, where meat is cured for up to 60 days, creating the optimum environment to bring out the flavour of the meat. Through the dry-ageing process, moisture evaporates from the beef, helping to intensify its flavour.

One point to add, for those easily confused.  We bring the mountain to the steak not the steak to the mountain.  The salt bricks are brought from the Himalayas and not the Steak taken to the Himalayas - that would kind if defeat the purpose of our local sourcing and make for one pricey steak! 


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