Gok Wan's Impromptu DJ Set



Tigerlily staff and customers were taken by surprise recently when Gok Wan was staying as a VIP guest in the hotel for the weekend.  Gok joined us for supper on Friday night and ended up staying and doing a brilliant set on the Tigerlily decks. He had just finished dinner in the restaurant and had been enjoying our DJ’s tunes.He asked our Assistant Manager, Jo McKinnel if he could spin a few records himself for the Friday night crowd. Gok ended up playing a full set, loving the Tigerlily vibe and still going after closing time. 

He was in Edinburgh to launch his dance night ‘Magazine’ at Opal Lounge the following evening. Magazine is a combination of everything Gok loves - live DJ sets, eye-catching dancers and a bespoke fashion catwalk inspired dance floor. 

Jo said, ‘It was great that Gok felt so comfortable in Tigerlily that he could let his hair down and enjoy himself. We had such a laugh with him, he was clearly enjoying himself and so was everyone around him! The tunes were great, and he know’s he’s welcome to come back and visit.’


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