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We recently met up with the wonderful Ailsa Harper who runs the ever-growing food blogger account @edineats, we met with Ailsa for dinners catch up and to find out what she thought of our delicious A La Carte menu which over the course of January is available with 50% off from Sunday-Friday until 5pm for any pre bookings made with the code ‘TIGER50’.




Spoilt for choice we didn’t know where to start! After much debate we went for the following options, choosing from the ‘while you wait’ section to start the Malaysian Roti bread with a sweet yellow dipping sauce followed by the tantalising mains Spicy Prawn Risotto with spring onion, coriander, tempura king prawns & crispy seaweed and Chargrilled Malayan chicken with sweet potato, coconut, lime yoghurt, chili peanuts and coriander.

The risotto was full of flavour and the perfect dish for a cold January whilst the Malayan Chicken was lighter yet delicious with the balance between the sweet potato, sauce and chicken breast.

Ailsa has kindly mentioned to me in the past when being contacted for places to recommend by those visiting Edinburgh on her foodie account that our sister venue Rabble is always a ‘go-to’ for brunch whilst Tigerlily provides stunning surroundings for late night cocktails and we couldn’t agree more!

After a catch up over work, recent events and collaborations on Ailsa’s Instagram account and all things food we finished our glasses of wine and ordered the Triple chocolate brownie jumbo cookie with salted caramel ice cream and chocolate sauce. Now if that isn’t a delicious dessert, I don’t know what is! It came with a side of hot chocolate sauce to drizzle over the cookie brownie combo and it was the perfect way to end the meal.


Quick Questions with Edin Eats


How did you get into food blogging and what advice would you give to those who are starting out?

I've always loved food and photography. I lived in America for a while and was always so inspired by all the Instagram accounts that had started up there, particularly in NYC–– they became my go-to when I was searching for places to eat. Then in 2015 I decided to start Edineats as I was always taking pictures of food for my own Instagram anyway and it just went from there. For those starting out I would say consistency is key and you do you–– post about what you love and don't pay too much attention to what others are doing.


Top favourite 5 places to spend a weekend across Edinburgh, food, drink, or activities?

1.I love Williams & Johnson for coffee, I'll grab a coffee on a Saturday from their cafe in Leith and then have a stroll around Leith market afterwards.

2.Dinner at El Cartel, they have the most unreal frozen margaritas!

3. Civerinos Slice, for a quick slice of pizza on the go.

4. A stroll through the Botanics. I've grown up in Edinburgh and this place holds a lot of memories.

5. A drive out to South Queensferry. It's a lovely little town and I love the Little Bakery for a tasty brunch.


How do you manage your time between your @edineats account, full time work, hobbies and personal life, do you manage to find a balance?

There are definitely weeks that are busier than others for sure, but I just try and make sure I don't have too much on my plate. I try and prioritise setting aside time to just chill out and I consider @Edineats as a hobby, so I guess you could say it's my way of relaxing.


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