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Recently, our Area Sales Manager, Tammie – was featured in ion magazine in an interview explaining her day to day life working in Edinburgh. We’re not going to tell you about what she has for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday but there’s no harm in making her 15 minutes of fame last a little longer… 

Tell us your story of working with Montpeliers Edinburgh Ltd?

I started in Tigerlily back in 2010 as a hostess - I always wanted to work in Tigerlily so had to keep pestering the team until they gave me the job.  Then worked my way up through management. I left briefly last year to open up a new venue in St Andrews Square but my heart was always in Montpeliers so when the opportunity came up for me to return to the team in this new sales role, I couldn’t possibly say no!

What’s a typical work day look like for you?

Wake up at 7am and get ready for the day, then typically work through my emails in the morning before attending a networking event or off site meeting. After that I catch up with the sales girls to make sure everything is okay and we’re ready for any big events or high end clients coming up. I also host the big events in the evenings where required.

Tell us a bit about your role and responsibilities?

My main role is to get out there and promote our 7 venues within Edinburgh.  I attend many networking mornings and events around the city to make new connections, I find this a great tool in Edinburgh just now as the networking scene is the biggest I have ever seen it! And with new events popping up all over the city, they are great fun to attend. I love to meet new people, and let’s be honest I have the easiest sales job ever - everyone wants to go out and enjoy great food and drinks in fab venues… it’s never a hard sell!

What’s the best part of your job?

No day is the same, and I get to meet some great people and be run fantastic events

And the worst?

Restraining myself from the amazing cocktails!

What do you hope for your career in the next 10 years?

To be still working my ideal job at Montpeliers but with a bigger sales team and more venues in tow!

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